Riley RS1 Electric Scooter


Riley RS1 Electric Scooter


Looking for a cheap scooter? This is the one – Riley RS1 electric scooter
15.5 mph top speed, range up to 12 miles, just 13kg, class leading comfort with 10″ pneumatic tyres, simple folding mechanism, removable battery for easy charging, front and rear lights, triple-braking system and LED display with all the data you need. No bluetooth, smart-phone app, metallic paint or other exotic and expensive gadgets – all what you need at affordable price.

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Riley RS1 Electric Scooter at a Glance

  • Maximum speed 15.5mph
  • Maximum range: 15.5 Miles / 25km*
  • Typical range: 10 Miles / 16km**
  • 10-inch pneumatic tyres
  • Pole mounted removeable battery
  • Powerful hill climbing ability
  • Three ride modes, Eco, Standard and Sport
  • Quick folding and lightweight design

*Actual range may vary depending on riding conditions **Potential range tested in average conditions

Quality and Durability

The RS1 is a powerful, sleek in design and capable electric scooter. The powerful 350w motor and 5.0ah battery provide a maximum range of up to 15 miles

When it comes to tyres, bigger is definitely better. The 10inch tyres provide a plush ride, improving ride-comfort and reducing fatigue on longer journeys. This pneumatic setup uses the common Schrader ‘car-type’ valve ensuring you can pump your tyres up anywhere.


Unlike other scooters, the battery on the RS1 can be removed from the head tube in seconds, with no tools needed. Swap the 5Ah battery out for a 6.4Ah unit to expand your range or throw a spare battery into a backpack to extend its range further. These lightweight, compact batteries can be charged in under 3 hours, externally from the scooter with the standard charger, meaning you can always have one topped up and ready to go.

Solid, Safe Performance

From a short push off, the RS1 will hit 15.5mph in ‘sport’ mode and climb a 15 degree incline all thanks to its torquey 350w front hub motor. Tap the menu button and switch to Standard or Eco drive modes, offering lower top speeds ideal for cruising to maximise that 15 mile per-battery range.

Alongside the braking force of the hub motor, the rear wheel features a powerful mechanical disc brake to quickly bring the scooter to a halt. Pushing down on the rear fender can further shorten braking distances in emergency situations. The scooter also features a bright LED headlight plus an LED rear running light that flashes during braking, ensuring you are seen in low light conditions.

Slime Puncture Protection

For greater tyre protection, we offer the optional service of adding puncture protection liquid to your tyres. Doing so coats the tread area of the inner tube with sealant, protecting against punctures up to 3mm deep.