INOKiM Quick 4 Super Electric Scooter


INOKiM Quick 4 Super Electric Scooter


All in One

Quick 4 sets the bar combining the best features of INOKIM rollers to date: compact, comfortable, strong and stylish. Featuring  a new central control unit  display, fast and easy folding, built in carry handle, dual suspension, front and rear brakes and upgraded super silent 600W motor.

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This fast and easy to fold electric scooter sets a new standard in the category.

The INOKIM Quick 4 is the latest evolution in the World’s most popular INOKIM Quick series. The Quick 4 has a bulked-up frame but with a much-improved motor that delivers more kick.  


The INOKIM Quick 4 is the most advanced model of the award-winning Quick series. Its wide deck and large tyres deliver the most comfortable ride. Its suspension arms help absorb the shock of riding over larger bumps. Road-tested to be proven reliable and durable in its performance. Experience a luxurious riding experience with its large LCD display. Foldable and portable with the carry handle attached to the end of the deck. Re-vamp your commute and how you travel with the INOKIM Quick 4.

The first series of the INOKIM, the MYWAY, was developed in 2009 by Nimrod Sapir, an industrial designer and the founder of the MYWAY company. In 2015, an improved version of the MYWAY, heralded the rise in the mass adoption of this last mile solution for commuters, aiding thousands of commuters every day in avoiding the endless traffic congestion and saving them thousands of pounds in cab fares.

Weight 47.4lb / 21.5kg
Speed 28mph / 45kmh
Range 43.5miles / 70km (Super)
Power (nominal) 600W
Power (peak) 1200W
Battery 53V 16Ah (Samsung)
Charging time 7h
Suspension front / rear
Brakes front / rear drum brakes
Wheel size 10″ pneumatic
Load 220lb / 100kg
Folded dimensions (LxWxH) 110 x 56 x 25cm
Unfolded dimensions (LxWxH) 113 x 57 x 120cm