INOKiM Light 2 Electric Scooter


INOKiM Light 2 Electric Scooter


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The INOKIM LIGHT 2 is the updated model of the people’s favourite the INOKIM LIGHT. It now has a dual drum braking system to help boost the safety aspect of the more powerful motor. With the more powerful motor, the INOKIM LIGHT 2 has even more torque to tackle all slopes.


INOKIM has managed to squeeze out an impressive top-speed of 21 mph for a range of up to 24 miles based on a single 4-5 hour charge with their UK Light 2 electric scooter. The electric scooter’s footboard is impressively sturdy and the 8.5 inch pneumatic tyres do a stellar job in softening bumpy surfaces.

With its more powerful motor, the Light 2 now has the requisite torque to tackle the slopes and hills that would have had its predecessor gasping for breath.


Sitting proudly in our “lightweight” category, INOKIM has managed to strike the perfect balance of light, yet robust materials, finished with a distinctive aesthetic that the brand is now synonymous with. 


The Light 2 now has a dual-drum braking system that automatically cuts the engine when applied, helping to boost the safety aspect of the more powerful motor, whilst helping to preserve battery life. Front & rear lights ensure you’ll be able to see and be seen on your electric scooter during after-dark rides.

Weight 27.5lb / 12.5kg
Speed 22mph / 35kmh
Range 18.6miles / 30km
Power (nominal) 350W
Power (peak)
Battery 36V 10Ah
Charging time 4h
Brakes front / rear drum brakes
Wheel size 8.5″ pneumatic
Load 220lb / 100kg
Folded dimensions (LxWxH) 95 x 25 x 23cm
Unfolded dimensions (LxWxH) 108 x 46 x 105cm