OUR STORY – …an E-THOS was born

E-thos Sustainable Solutions was founded by automotive engineer Zsolt Oláh, MBA, MSc. Having used an electric scooter to ride the last two miles of his London commute, Zsolt saw the opportunity to bring this game changing mode of travel to the masses and help make it a new way of life. 

Ethos Scooters has a vision for a sustainable and a better future. We specialise in providing personal electric vehicles. E-Bikes and E-Scooters are a fun, safe, sustainable and innovative way to travel and explore. At E-thos we want to help make electric micro mobility accessible, acceptable and affordable for all. 


At E-thos we align our business with the fundamental principle of sustainability. We are passionate about technologies paving the way for a brighter world for current and future generations to enjoy. With the escalating urgency of climate change and the need to reduce our carbon emissions to get to net zero by 2050, we all need to help play our part. 


Drawing upon a long and established heritage of working in engineering in the electric and sustainability space with firms such as McLaren, Jaguar Land Rover & Ford, we bring that technical knowledge to the consumer to help ensure the best solutions are available in the market through us, with a keen focus on build quality without a compromise on style. Our team combines over 20 years experience in ultra high performance engineering with over 16 years working in e-commerce and retail of technology products.


We fully understand the need to join the micro-mobility revolution and embrace new ways of urban travel. As the trend grows exponentially across the globe, now more than ever, safe and independent travel has become essential. We have a unique opportunity to fundamentally change the way we get around our towns and cities; without relying on emission producing alternatives, helping to create cleaner air and healthier communities. 


Emboldened by the massive growth in electric bikes and the UK Government legalising and fast tracking e-scooter hire schemes (brought forward to 2020 from 2021 due to the pandemic), we believe this will inform UK laws around e-scooters. With our carbon neutral target and the pressure now mounting, we envisage that the right infrastructure and prioritization will be given to sustainable micro-mobility making it safer and an ever more comfortable ride. The time is right, the time is now.  


Without you, there would be no us. We place a high priority on helping you the customer choose the right solution to suit your lifestyle. We aim to highlight the key technical points to consider, giving consumers the best understanding of what each ride can offer. On hand for any help and guidance, at E-thos our aim is to deliver beyond the expected.


We only select products that provide the best mix of quality and value. We are partnered with INOKIM and E-TWOW who are amongst the oldest and most respected e-scooter manufacturers due to their outstanding product quality and continuous innovations. We have a strong relationship with some of the best manufacturers in the world.

Service levels are very high. We are always easily contactable via the phone during working hours. We aim to respond to emails as quickly as possible. We ensure all our products are thoroughly tested before we ship them.